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Lead Time – A simple Explanation

Lead Time - Lean Explanation of Takt and Lead Time

Lead Time is one of those terms most often misused in Lean Manufacturing. When speaking about LT everybody should be aware of what he wants to describe. Lead Time – A simple Explanation Lead Time Basics Though nobody should care if lead time is used in the right way or …

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Pull & Kanban – 5 Learnings from McDonald’s

Kanban & Pull - Learnings from McDonald's

A very lively version of what lean methods actually mean can be seen on the way McDonald’s works (and in this case we are not just talking about pull and Kanban). Pull & Kanban – 5 Learnings from McDonald’s Being a fast food chain, McDonald’s ultimately has to guarantee considerably …

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Kanban Card – How to apply Kanban

Kanban Card Pull Process - Lean Production

The Kanban card is used to plan your production according to a certain demand. With the aim to just produce what the downstream process needs – just in time. Apply a pull production to avoid overproduction and scrap. When just producing what the downstream process needs, no overproduction occurs. Start with the Kanban …

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Make-to-Order and Make-to-Stock – What we can see at McDonald’s

MTO - Make-to-Order at McDonald's - Lean Production

Make-to-Order or Build-to-Order implies quite well its fundamental meaning. It describes a certain way of planning your production and processes according to customer orders. Make-to-Stock vs. Make-to-Order Quite often products are produced on stock ahead of an order causing overproduction and unnecessary inventory. Even though your customer will give you …

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