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How I used Lean to eliminate Overproduction in our Company

Lean Production - Types of Waste - Overproduction and Inventory

Wherever you have batch-production you have the risk of non-synchronized production sequences. In cases a machine breaks or you have a delay in one of these processes, you generate overproduction. So what can we do? Overproduction – The 7 Types of Waste But first: What is Overproduction? Overproduction is caused …

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Pull & Kanban – 5 Learnings from McDonald’s

Kanban & Pull - Learnings from McDonald's

A very lively version of what lean methods actually mean can be seen on the way McDonald’s works (and in this case we are not just talking about pull and Kanban). Pull & Kanban – 5 Learnings from McDonald’s Being a fast food chain, McDonald’s ultimately has to guarantee considerably …

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Kanban Card – How to apply Kanban

Kanban Card Pull Process - Lean Production

The Kanban card is used to plan your production according to a certain demand. With the aim to just produce what the downstream process needs – just in time. Apply a pull production to avoid overproduction and scrap. When just producing what the downstream process needs, no overproduction occurs. Start with the Kanban …

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