Heijunka Board example - Lean production

To fully achieve a pull process across your entire production, the “ordinary” Kanban process will be stretched to its limits. However, what is the Heijunka board and how does it help us in terms of a pull process inside a factory? Let’s have a few words about that lean tool. Heijunka Board – The next Level of Kanban What is the Heijunka Board? Kanban is one of the magic terms when talking about lean and lean manufacturing. However, it has its limits. To produce according to the customer needs, further information…Continue Reading “Heijunka Board – The next Level of Kanban”

Kaizen at the Ciname - Lean Manufacturing Examples

Have you ever thought of an industries or organizations in which kaizen might work as it does in the manufacturing environment? Today we are going to have a few words about a kaizen example from the cinema. A Kaizen Example from the Cinema Some of you might not think of, but cinemas face pretty much the same issues as other industries do. The material they have to handle is the audience whereas the product, or better to say the service, of course is the entertainment…Continue Reading “A Kaizen Example – Applying Lean at the Cinema”

Lean Production - Types of Waste - Overproduction and Inventory

Wherever you have batch-production you have the risk of non-synchronized production sequences. In cases a machine breaks or you have a delay in one of these processes, you generate overproduction. So what can we do? Overproduction – The 7 Types of Waste But first: What is Overproduction? Overproduction is caused by non-linked production processes. Once the following process step stops (due to a machine breakdown, a poor line balancing or any other reason) the previous process produces continuously. Unused stock occurs, thus leading to the use of…Continue Reading “How I used Lean to eliminate Overproduction in our Company”

Lead Time - Lean Explanation of Takt and Lead Time

Lead Time is one of those terms most often misused in Lean Manufacturing. When speaking about LT everybody should be aware of what he wants to describe. Lead Time – A simple Explanation Lead Time Basics Though nobody should care if lead time is used in the right way or not unless others knows what you speak about. Also the term Throughput Time is an often used term describing something very similar to lead time though differences between both exist. Imagine going to a fast food…Continue Reading “Lead Time – A simple Explanation”

Kanban & Pull - Learnings from McDonald's

A very lively version of what lean methods actually mean can be seen on the way McDonald’s works (and in this case we are not just talking about pull and Kanban). Pull & Kanban – 5 Learnings from McDonald’s Being a fast food chain, McDonald’s ultimately has to guarantee considerably short lead times to its customers. This means as a customer I expect not to wait longer than a few minutes for the food I ordered. All this brings us up against the question of…Continue Reading “Pull & Kanban – 5 Learnings from McDonald’s”