Your 2-Years Lean Challange

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Tesla Model S

Two years ago we started a challenge in cooperation with a major lean consultancy in Europe. The challenge: To afford a Tesla Model S automotive within the upcoming two years.

We were four students, eight consultants and four senior managers as support for the upcoming challenge. All of them with the dream of traveling within their business environment to see the world and end up with a brand-new Tesla model.

The key to this activity was lean manufacturing expertise. The high demand for lean experts around the world gave us the opportunity to work in factories and leading projects in China, India, the U.S., South Africa and Central Europe.

Some of you joined us on that journey or started their own 2-years challenge with the lean handbook we provide on some of our challenges.

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But did you know how strong the demand for lean consultants and experts around the globe is? It opened doors for all of us. Me personally worked 6 months in Singapore, 6 months in South Africa and the rest of the time in Central Europe.

Suddenly you had been in the position leading management discussions and being in the center of a plant.

We just can motivate you to never give up to become a lean specialist. Regardless, if you want to afford your own Tesla car or simply want to work all around the world. Lean Manufacturing is your key to an absolute new standard in your life.

Within the Lean Community, we will kick-off a 2-years challenge with everybody willing in joining us. Simply comment the article below with the words “I am in!” or text us on Facebook. Further instructions will follow!

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