Lean Manufacturing – Ever thought of getting all the Tools the Experts have?

Lean production
Lean production

Lean Manufacturing is the official webpage of learning all about a lean material and Information flow. Watch free video tutorials and implement lean manufacturing straight into your business.

Lean Manufacturing Methodology

We work hard on uploading free lean templates, tools and techniques day by day. Feel free to follow us on Youtube for latest tutorials and howto’s, or watch our free practical examples from all kinds of industries to adapt your business to a lean material and information flow. All tutorials are based on fundamental kaizen approaches given by the Toyota Production System. Our experts perform workshop as well as kaizen activities all around the world. Some of them supported by Shingijutsu, the successors of the Toyota Production System.

5S Examples – How NASA and others apply Lean

The Modular Production System

Most companies struggle to develop and implement a lean production system according to the Toyota approach. The modular production system available here is free to use and adapt to your business conditions. Use the slides and examples from the toolbox and modify them according to your needs. All lean tutorials can be used for training or coaching of people in your firm. Or use all tutorials to strengthen your skills and forward the knowledge to your team.

Use the Toolbox to eliminate all Waste

To achieve a cost and market leading position, your inside production processes of your factory have to become rid of any waste. The lean production system gives elementary tools by hand to achieve this vision. Identify waste in your business by following the rules given in the 7 Types of Waste basic introduction, use the lean toolbox (24 lean tools in total) coming along with the lean toolbox and learn how to implement lean hand in hand with us.

Lean Manufacturing Card Game
The Lean Manufacturing Toolbox also available as Business Game

Build a Vision using the Lean Manufacturing Toolbox

The foundation of all lean production and lean management activities is a vision aligned to the needs and processes of a business. This lean manufacturing vision has to be accepted and understood by top management. It’s mandatory to get fully supported by the top management for all kind of lean manufacturing processes.

In order to achieve to goal of becoming a market and cost leading company, you have to form a process and material design fitting your internal needs and fulfilling the customer needs at its best. For sure not all the tools provided with all kind of templates are new for you. But the toolbox is the most complete toolbox available on the b2b market.

Lean Manufacturing – Further Readings:

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  1. Hello, as an industrial engineering student i have very much interested to what i have been reading on this site. This may help me a lot on my studies. I want to learn more in your book , but i have a problem financially. I want to ask if you have free soft copies or other files for me. Please. Thank you


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