Lean Layout and How to Create it


Lean Layout is the key to a lean factory. However, how do you design a lean layout? The fundamental idea behind that layout is to be able to balance all your operators highly efficient. Moreover, to be able to balance your operators efficiently, make sure to position all operators close to each other. With short walking distances in between. To download the full instructions, click the link below the article. Feel free to use all images and descriptions in your internal documentations if you need.

Lean Layout based on a U-shape

The U-shape is a common approach when starting to design a lean layout. The U-shape has the benefit of getting all your operators close to each other. When applying a line-balancing activity then, you can use that pool of operators to find an efficient interaction of them. However, there is something better than the U-shape: The U-shape design has one significant disadvantage. You hide your line-operators from the view of production managers. We recommend to take a couple of minutes time, to watch the full clip. It gives you a strong background knowledge of designing a highly efficient production layout.

Lean Layout
Clean but not lean: The layout does not follow the 3M principle, Operators inside the line will be hidden and separated by machines and equipment.

Design your Own Layout

If you are in the Position of designing a new Layout for your Production Area: We can recommend you to download the lean layout checklist and instructions here. The instructions teach you step-by-step why you must start to arrange your machines before taking care of your materials and operators. Do not separate your operators. Use the 3M principle to achieve that goal and become highly flexible in terms of operator balancing.

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