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Production System – Ever Thought of Building Your Own?

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Modular Production System – Build your own Production System according to your needs

Lean Production System – Create a Vision

All Lean Production Systems are about a lean flow inside your factory or business. To start building a Production System you have to be clear about the best possible arrangement of equipment, men and your material to provide products fitting the needs of your customer.

Regardless if its food in a restaurant or cars in a factory. To get there you should talk with others to get ideas and new approaches. Get in touch with us for free and send us your doubts via mail. Talk to people from outside your company. A full set of tools, templates and possible solutions are available here soon. But make sure to also use your brain to adapt the needs of your particular product to examples given outside your Company.

Use Lean Tools to establish your Vision

Think of: Consumption-based production planning, pull material flow and multi-model lines.

Once you have your vision spread it out. But: Be careful on how to communicate. Make sure to convince all people you need, from top management to the shop floor area. To do so, use training material (models and presentations) and movies available also in the Production System packaging soon.

Take the tools needed for your lean process and implement them step by step. Notice: It might take years to get there. Make sure to keep time for breathing.

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