Hanedashi – What Coffee Machines teach us about Lean

Hanedashi - Lean Production System
Hanedashi - Lean Production System

Did you know that coffee machines teach us very much about how to increase machine capacities by implementing a Hanedashi?

Hanedashi – What Coffee Machines teach us about Lean

Hanedashi – What is it?

Ever heard the term Hanedashi as part of the Toyota production system? It helps you to increase machine output by decreasing the machine loading and unloading time for each part.

It is quite easy to explain the term based on capsule coffee machines. There are different kinds of capsule machines available which differentiate by the way of loading a capsule. Some of them (like the Senseo machines) have one location for capsules. Once the coffee is prepared and you want to place the next capsule inside the machine you have to manually remove the used capsule before the new one fits inside. This means you need an additional handling step before the machine is ready to be feed again.

Compared to a Nespresso machine (i. e. Delonghi) the capsule is feed from the top similar to the Senseo machine. The difference is, when opening the lid, the used capsule is removed into a bin by itself. No further handling step is needed to empty the machine. We call this the Hanedashi. Hanedashi stands for automatic ejection of processed parts.
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Hanedashi – How to apply it?

Imagine of a machine of your machine pool which has to be unloaded before the next part fits inside the tool. During that time the machine is blocked and not productive. As in the example of the coffee machine the machine has to eject the part after processing the part. If you have any robot in place – let the robot take the part at the very end and lift it. Or even better: Do not use any robots at all. Implement some cheap pins lifting the part. The operator than can feed the machine before he takes the processed part out of the machine.

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