Factory Business Game


What is the Factory Business Game?

The Factory Business Game is a 1/10 scale miniature factory model. It helps you to create a lean layout of your entire plant. The included 4GB video documentation guides you step-by-step through the process. Learn to use all the lean terms like Kanban, Poka Yoke or 5S and simulate the effect on your production immediately. Use the model for your own or as a game with up to 5 colleagues or friends.

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Factory Board Game

What is included in the Factory Business Game?

Factory Simulation Board Game CardsLean Manufacturing is such a huge topic that it is sometimes quite hard to find the right words. For example, recently we had to reduce inventory inside a plant. As inventory blocks floor space we were not able to place a new assembly line inside the factory.

In order to reduce inventory, we had to switch from push to pull production. But you cannot simply implement a new process without all the staff cooperating with you. So we had to train the employees first. Teach them what is meant by Kanban and a consumption-based supply principle. So we took the Factory Business Game and trained all the key persons. You simply create a miniature mockup of your plant and show the effect of lean manufacturing. This approach was so powerful, that we decided to share this experience with you.

The Factory Business Game helps you to gain all the background knowledge to successfully implement lean manufacturing on your shop floor. It is fully packed with a 4 GB database including all step-by-step video instructions, tools and templates ready for you to be used. It helps you to become the lean expert in your organization. As we keep the price for the whole model cheap, it is easy to acquire for everybody.

Use the Factory Business Game as model or use the board game function included with up to 5 colleagues or friends. Play as a team on your existing layout and learn what does work inside your factory. Use the lean cards to apply tools like Kanban, Poka Yoke or 5S. Switch from a forklift supply concept to internal milkruns. See the benefits for your factory of implementing the Heijunka box or SMED machine changeovers. Request further details and we get back to you today.

Get Your Entire Factory Board Game (Limited Offer)!


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