Methods of Lean Production

Lean Production bases on a variety of different tools. Well-known are tools like Kanban or 5S. However, far more lean production tools exist. In this article, we show you the most important methods of lean production and which tools you should start with. Methods of Lean Production Let us categorize all the lean tools into four groups: The enabler tools which enables further lean activities, the basic tools, the expert tools and the professional tools. If you are new to the methods of lean production,…Continue Reading “Methods of Lean Production – The Lean Toolbox”

Water Spider and Mizusumashi Lean Concept

Do you know that lean factories use a principle given by nature to supply the production line with material? How can that be implemented within 3 steps? – Mizusumashi / waterspider. Waterspider – What Nature teaches us about Lean Production What means Waterspider? The Mizusumashi is the Japanese term for waterspider. Hence both terms are often found in literature. But what is the meaning of these terms? The waterspider symbolizes a person able to work on the surface between water and air. In terms of a…Continue Reading “Waterspider Mizusumashi – What Nature teaches us about Lean”