Tesla Model S

Two years ago we started a challenge in cooperation with a major lean consultancy in Europe. The challenge: To afford a Tesla Model S automotive within the upcoming two years. We were four students, eight consultants and four senior managers as support for the upcoming challenge. All of them with the dream of traveling within their business environment to see the world and end up with a brand-new Tesla model. The key to this activity was lean manufacturing expertise. The high demand for lean experts…Continue Reading “Your 2-Years Lean Challange”

Survey Result

We asked you in a survey: What lean issue do you face most in your organization? Within 48 hours, we received 724 replies via e-mail and social media. Each participants had the chance, to name up to three biggest issues they face. The result is not surprisingly, but underlines the biggest shop floor issues we face when implementing lean principles. Moreover, it shows in which areas lean specialists try most to implement a lean production environment: In reducing operational costs within the assembly line –…Continue Reading “What Lean Issue do worldwide Lean Specialists face most in their Organization?”

Heijunka Board

Production Leveling based on the Heijunka Box The Heijunky Box is a fundamental tool to level and schedule your production. Further explanations about Kanban and the Heijunka box can be seen in the Kanban bonus pack (www.lean-toolbox.org). As customer demand fluctuates and may change within days or even hours, your production has to have some mechanism to protect your upstream processes. Leveling is one of these protections. It helps you to run a smooth production without having to react 1:1 onto your customer fluctuations. The Heijunka…Continue Reading “Production Leveling based on the Heijunka Box”

Value Stream Design

The Value Stream Design is a powerful tool to capture or sketch your processes and their interactions. Based on that map, you can derive strengths and weaknesses. The Value Stream Design further helps you in guiding you to a lean factory. Use the weaknesses detected, to create a roadmap based on the lean tools to reach better conditions. The Value Stream Design is based on pre-defined symbols you can use, but you do not have to. Creating a Value Stream Design The lean toolbox is…Continue Reading “Value Stream Design – How to Create it”

Methods of Lean Production

Lean Production bases on a variety of different tools. Well-known are tools like Kanban or 5S. However, far more lean production tools exist. In this article, we show you the most important methods of lean production and which tools you should start with. Methods of Lean Production Let us categorize all the lean tools into four groups: The enabler tools which enables further lean activities, the basic tools, the expert tools and the professional tools. If you are new to the methods of lean production,…Continue Reading “Methods of Lean Production – The Lean Toolbox”