Value Stream Design

The Value Stream Design is a powerful tool to capture or sketch your processes and their interactions. Based on that map, you can derive strengths and weaknesses. The Value Stream Design further helps you in guiding you to a lean factory. Use the weaknesses detected, to create a roadmap based on the lean tools to reach better conditions. The Value Stream Design is based on pre-defined symbols you can use, but you do not have to. Creating a Value Stream Design The lean toolbox is…Continue Reading “Value Stream Design – How to Create it”

Methods of Lean Production

Lean Production bases on a variety of different tools. Well-known are tools like Kanban or 5S. However, far more lean production tools exist. In this article, we show you the most important methods of lean production and which tools you should start with. Methods of Lean Production Let us categorize all the lean tools into four groups: The enabler tools which enables further lean activities, the basic tools, the expert tools and the professional tools. If you are new to the methods of lean production,…Continue Reading “Methods of Lean Production – The Lean Toolbox”

Lean Production Download

Strong Lean Experts are in great Demand and globally sarched by strong Companies. The Lean Masterclass gives you Proven Knowledge, Step-by-Step Video Instructionsand deep Practical Insights into the Secrets of Lean Manufacturing. Download: The Lean Production Suite You will get hours of video coachings and checklists for each tool you can copy & paste to so many different manufacturing processes. Download Now Do you waste lot of your time with trying to implement lean principles inside your production or even do not really know how to get started?…Continue Reading “Lean Production Download”

Lean Implementation

Lean Implementation is all about experience and lessons learned. Many companies struggle with a lean implementation, as they do not have strong experience yet. To help you to avoid this failures, we have summarized the top 10 reasons. Top 10 Reasons why Lean Implementation Fails #1 Missing Management commitment Lean Implementation does not work bottom-up. You will face resistance and fear in your organization without the support from top management. Operate top-down to get the necessary support and backing for all lean activities from your…Continue Reading “TOP 10 Reasons why Lean Implementation fails”

Lean Manufacturing Example Small

Lean Manufacturing is the official webpage of learning all about a lean material and Information flow. Watch free video tutorials and implement lean manufacturing straight into your business. Lean Manufacturing Methodology We work hard on uploading free lean templates, tools and techniques day by day. Feel free to follow us on Youtube for latest tutorials and howto’s, or watch our free practical examples from all kinds of industries to adapt your business to a lean material and information flow. All tutorials are based on fundamental…Continue Reading “Lean Manufacturing – Ever thought of getting all the Tools the Experts have?”