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Production Leveling based on the Heijunka Box

Production Leveling based on the Heijunka Box The Heijunky Box is a fundamental tool to level and schedule your production. Further explanations about Kanban and the...
Value Stream

Value Stream Design – How to Create it

The Value Stream Design is a powerful tool to capture or sketch your processes and their interactions. Based on that map, you can derive...

Andon System: Decrease your Response Time

The Andon System is part of the visualization methodology and increases the transparency of your processes on your shop floor instantly! The Andon system...
Methods of Lean Production

Methods of Lean Production – The Lean Toolbox

Lean Production bases on a variety of different tools. Well-known are tools like Kanban or 5S. However, far more lean production tools exist. In...

Lean Layout and How to Create it

Lean Layout is the key to a lean factory. However, how do you design a lean layout? The fundamental idea behind that layout is...