Kaizen at the Ciname - Lean Manufacturing Examples

Have you ever thought of an industries or organizations in which kaizen might work as it does in the manufacturing environment? Today we are going to have a few words about a kaizen example from the cinema. A Kaizen Example from the Cinema Some of you might not think of, but cinemas face pretty much the same issues as other industries do. The material they have to handle is the audience whereas the product, or better to say the service, of course is the entertainment…Continue Reading “A Kaizen Example – Applying Lean at the Cinema”

Total Productive Maintenance TPM - Lean Production System

Ever heard a captain saying: “Todays airplane machine availability is at 90 %. Welcome on board”? How can airplanes achieve a machine availability of 100 % but production struggles with machine breakdowns and line stoppages? Total Productive Maintenance/TPM will do the trick. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) TPM – What is it? TPM or Total Productive Maintenance is a philosophy and approach to prevent any machine and equipment downtime at all. But how can that happen? As all machines have to be cleaned at a certain…Continue Reading “Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)”

Survey Result

We asked you in a survey: What lean issue do you face most in your organization? Within 48 hours, we received 724 replies via e-mail and social media. Each participants had the chance, to name up to three biggest issues they face. The result is not surprisingly, but underlines the biggest shop floor issues we face when implementing lean principles. Moreover, it shows in which areas lean specialists try most to implement a lean production environment: In reducing operational costs within the assembly line –…Continue Reading “What Lean Issue do worldwide Lean Specialists face most in their Organization?”

Lean Layout Obeyaka

Lean Layout is the key to a lean factory. However, how do you design a lean layout? The fundamental idea behind that layout is to be able to balance all your operators highly efficient. Moreover, to be able to balance your operators efficiently, make sure to position all operators close to each other. With short walking distances in between. To download the full instructions, click the link below the article. Feel free to use all images and descriptions in your internal documentations if you need….Continue Reading “Lean Layout and How to Create it”

Lean Production Download

Strong Lean Experts are in great Demand and globally sarched by strong Companies. The Lean Masterclass gives you Proven Knowledge, Step-by-Step Video Instructionsand deep Practical Insights into the Secrets of Lean Manufacturing. Download: The Lean Production Suite You will get hours of video coachings and checklists for each tool you can copy & paste to so many different manufacturing processes. Download Now Do you waste lot of your time with trying to implement lean principles inside your production or even do not really know how to get started?…Continue Reading “Lean Production Download”

Poka-Yoke - Lean Manufacturing Example

Just yesterday I did a short research about the most often lean terms searched on Google. And guess which is one of the top three most frequently searched terms? Poka Yoke! Though I was not surprised at all I would like to add a few words about Poka Yoke. And about what you might not know about Poka Yoke up to today. Poka Yoke – And what we can learn from Toys In many companies when talking about lean you will sooner or later talk about…Continue Reading “Poka Yoke – And why its important to strive for Poka Yoke Solutions”

Lean Manufacturing Example Small

Lean Manufacturing is the official webpage of learning all about a lean material and Information flow. Watch free video tutorials and implement lean manufacturing straight into your business. Lean Manufacturing Methodology We work hard on uploading free lean templates, tools and techniques day by day. Feel free to follow us on Youtube for latest tutorials and howto’s, or watch our free practical examples from all kinds of industries to adapt your business to a lean material and information flow. All tutorials are based on fundamental…Continue Reading “Lean Manufacturing – Ever thought of getting all the Tools the Experts have?”